Qlik Sense

With Qlik Sense you are able to make data-driven decisions.

Dynamic reports

FlowFabric makes its Mendix applications smarter by integrating Qlik Sense technology. The possibilities and flexibility to add dynamic reports and visual dashboards to Mendix applications in this way are endless. Through the Insights module, we can get more value from your Mendix data.

Modern front-end

Qlik Sense has a front-end that uses modern web standards, including HTML5, CSS3, web sockets, and Javascript. This gives us the opportunity for mashups and embedded analytics, where visualizations from Qlik Sense can be integrated into Mendix Applications. We also have access to a vibrant library of different chart types with Qlik Sense. A good example is the map visualizations that can display multiple map layers and automatically geo-code names of countries, provinces, and cities.

Associative Data Indexing Engine

Qlik Sense works with an Associative Data Indexing Engine that makes selected data green, associated data white, and non-associated data gray. This ensures that users can perform analyzes with an overview of all relevant data. So we do not search based on queries, which prevents us from overlooking associated data so that meaningful insights are lost.

Chart Assistance

With the Augmented Intelligence (AI) developments of Qlik Sense, such as Chart Assistance and the Insight advisor, a new world opens up. Chart Assistance is a function that immediately displays a chart based on loaded data and best practices. When an extra dimension is added to the chart, the chart is automatically adjusted accordingly. The Insight advisor uses AI and the Cognitive engine to gain new and existing insights based on the loaded data and propose various data visualizations.

Unique features of Qlik Sense

The unique features of Qlik Sense such as Drag & drop visualization and smart search. Fast and reliable connections to multiple data sources with real-time analytics and managed connections. Anytime, Anywhere. Data storytelling functionality and simplified self-service functions. A rapid development environment including shared object libraries. Availability of open & standard APIs enabling multi-source data integration. It is naturally provided with an enterprise level.

Self Service
Qlik Sense offers extensive self-service options that allow users to develop their dashboards. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to design their dashboards based on predefined master items. With the Data Manager wizard, users can also read in, link, clean up, and prepare datasets themselves without having to code a script line.
With the open APIs and a complete developer environment, we can create analyzes, interactive and intuitive dashboards embedded in our Mendix Applications, specific analytical apps, or design new stand-alone visualizations.
User Interface
The user interface of Qlik Sense has a responsive design, which means that visualizations in a dashboard are automatically optimized for any screen size. This does not matter whether a dashboard is opened on a desktop, tablet or smartphone because the object on the screen automatically scales. Always and everywhere.

"With Qlik Sense, we continue to expand the market by creating a scalable, secure, and extensible platform. One that organizations can see as the centerpiece of their BI implementation across the enterprise."

Anthony Deighton - Qlik CTO and SVP of Products


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