Ortec is the answer to complex issues around field service, planning, and business optimization.

Field staff

Planning work, appointments for field staff or subcontractors is anything but easy. It is about finding the employee with the right competencies and personal preferences, applicable laws and regulations, travel times, etc. And only at the times that are most convenient for you and your customers.

Smart algorithms

FlowFabric makes its Mendix applications smarter by integrating Ortec Cloud services. With these services and the expertise of FlowFabric, we can use the power of intelligent algorithms so that even very complicated issues can be dealt with. For example, for organizations with field service, we help plan and manage appointments profitably.

Optimal route

This enables customers to predict times and plan routes optimally while remaining flexible enough to respond to last-minute changes. This takes into account, for example, the preferences of your employees, priority of contacts, or labor laws. The result? Optimal planning of your entire service provision, both mobile and on location. Always and in every situation.

“FlowFabric can understand complex processes like no other. Besides, FlowFabric recognizes that decision science application through Ortec Cloud Services is crucial in optimizing processes. With this vision, FlowFabric is at the forefront. ”

Bart Veeke - Business Unit Manager Ortec Workforce Divisie


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