FlowFabric is your Mendix Certified expert partner.

Optimizing business processes

Continually innovating is crucial for organizations to stay ahead of the competition, focus on the customer, or shorten the market time. The development of applications that contribute to the optimization of business processes plays a vital role in this. FlowFabric is the Mendix specialist that combines content expertise with specific domain knowledge and innovative solutions.

5x faster

Our customers experience the unprecedented speed of application development, up to five times faster than traditional programming languages. An implementation can be done with Mendix in just a few days instead of a few weeks or months.

Collaboration between business and IT

The Mendix App platform supports close collaboration between business and IT and helps teams plan, develop, deploy and manage business applications by supporting full Agile application lifecycle management.

Waarom Flowfabric?

We understand your business
FlowFabric helps organizations to transform and innovate. Especially in those areas where they can differentiate from their competitors, where processes are subject to change, or where no standard solution is available.
Excellent user experience
Our clients experience reduced time to market and maximized ROI by using Mendix to develop applications for any device and integrate with existing systems. Thus, Mendix is the right choice to create multichannel and multi-device applications. And to deploy an optimal user experience to the cloud or on-premise.
We speak IT
We translate complex data models into user-friendly and dynamically developed applications that genuinely support your business again.

"FlowFabric works with application development platform Mendix, and that is a compelling combination. It fits well with FlowFabric's agile approach. The short iterations and implementations bring speed to the project."

Gabor Olah, EMEA Business Analyst - Euronics


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