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Mobile first

When developing applications, Mobile is no longer a choice but a must. Many FlowFabric customers have a Mobile First strategy where the application is designed for Mobile first and then a desktop version. How a mobile application is developed strongly depends on the use, circumstances, and type of device. In many cases, a mobile web application is sufficient, but in some cases, the device's functions are called, or information and functionality must also be available offline. FlowFabric has developed a mobile framework, especially for offline functionality.

Different categories

FlowFabric Mobile has a suitable mobile solution for every business case. Think of Order Entry within the retail & Wholesale segment for smart sales applications that contain all information about the customer, price, and product to optimize the process of order intake. Also, in other parts where, for example, digital forms are used for damage inspections, a mobile application is a suitable solution.

Rapid development
Discover the power of the framework and develop apps in days instead of weeks and months. With its model-driven nature and component reuse, advanced mobile applications are within reach.
Solution templates
The platform introduces standard solutions for order entry, reporting, forms, among others, but also custom apps based on specific customer requirements are easy to realize.
The platform is open and scalable. An integration layer and various APIs allow us to easily integrate with different backend systems such as Mendix, SAP, or Oracle.
We offer offline functionality in combination with an intelligent synchronization mechanism. The data and functionality of the App remain available even when there is no working internet connection.

"FlowFabric provides mobile applications within various segments and industries. Each role within a process has its requirements and demands. And each process again has specific business rules. This requires a flexible solution."

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