Supply Chain

FlowFabric’s Supply Chain management solutions provide control over planning and control and insight into all process steps.

Production steps

The process starts with the central submission of all purchase orders. These orders are picked up by the suppliers and supplemented with the correct ETD. Once the production process begins, all production and approval steps must be accurately tracked. With this insight, your organization gains more control over the producer’s planning.

Combined with the correct data on product specifications, actions, and tasks, a better information provision, and an optimized and transparent purchasing and production process is created. FlowFabric’s supply chain management solutions provide control over planning and control and insight into all process steps.

All information is presented logically and clearly from one central environment. The track & trace functionality provides insight into both the shipment of samples and containers. Various signal functions allow a quick response to delays. Everything is aimed at making the process as transparent as possible. The integrated dashboard functionality provides insight into the status of an order or the performance of your suppliers in various ways.

Our solution

Retail and wholesale organizations want to purchase materials and have products produced as efficiently as possible. Production often takes place in the Far East. This process is characterized by many process steps, local regulations, and associated deadlines for on-time delivery. Various people, both internal and external, have a role in this process. In order to fulfill customer agreements, all process steps must take place in a timely and sequential manner.

FlowFabric combines solutions, domain knowledge, and best practices into the right combination of supply chain optimization. The solutions offer a central and real-time insight into the production steps and enable timely adjustments. With this we ensure a better information provision for all persons involved. Whether this is an employee, agent, or supplier. We can present your supply chain and all associated process steps of the production process transparently and orderly.