Service Desk

With our process knowledge and Service Desk solutions, we ensure an optimized acceptance and processing of incoming reports.

One central customer view


In the current market, increasingly higher demands are made on the game rules regarding customer service. Customer service is expected to have everything ready, from customer history to a cross-departmental view of ongoing activities. A central customer view is shifting from the wish list to the requirements list of organizations. Organizations want to forge more profound and more relevant relationships with every customer

FlowFabric’s service desk solutions contribute to a fast and smart service desk. More insight and compliance with the SLA leads to greater loyalty, more customer retention and higher customer satisfaction. Optimizing a service desk process requires domain knowledge and a flexible solution

Each client, SLA, report, or work order has specific requirements. The chosen solution must therefore be able to accommodate virtually any service model.

Automatic enrichment notifications

Incoming notifications come in automatically and are enriched. Thanks to the smart workflows, they are effectively allocated and processed faster.

Full control

With the Service Desk solution from FlowFabric, you get full insight and control over the status of notifications and your clients’ effectiveness.

The highest level of service

Correct information, the highest level of service, and operating within the customer agreements increase customer satisfaction and make long-lasting relationships.