Quality Assurance

At FlowFabric, the quality of your application is central, which is why we offer the Quality Assurance service.

The highest quality

FlowFabric aspires to the highest quality. Not only aimed at delivering high-quality software products but within all facets of the organization. Experience shows that quality assurance contributes to an improved work process and increased efficiency and quality. It is a systematic process to check whether we meet the requirements and principles set continuously. The purpose of quality assurance is to catch errors before delivery.

Integral part

For FlowFabric, quality assurance is an integral part of all projects and work processes. Both in the development of software applications and the analysis of processes. And both internally and externally. For this, we have drawn up several best practices, and we get a faster and better answer to questions such as:

  • Has a full definition of done been drawn up?
  • How is peer-reviewing applied?
  • Is every project member also a tester?
  • How is it[...]

Quality Assurance en Agile

Quality assurance is very well applicable within an Agile method, where we are dealing with short iterations and multiple deliveries. The highest possible quality is achieved with the right balance between quality assurance, Agile development, and domain knowledge. To learn more about how you can benefit from Quality Assurance, please contact us.