With a Product Information Management (PIM) system, product information, product properties and article groups are recorded and stored in a central location.

One truth

The rollout of an omnichannel strategy is high on the agenda of retail organizations. The volume of products continues to grow. A lot of basic product information is nowadays supplemented with detailed views, images, descriptions, and commercial texts. Also, retailers have to deal with short life cycles of products presented through (inter) national markets and various new sales channels.

Correct and manageable product information that is unambiguously available on various online and offline sales channels is not an easy task. Yet this is the foundation of an omnichannel strategy. It is essential to manage information centrally and to make it available outside the organization. Especially if your organization has many systems that contain fragmented product information. Also, most systems are often less suitable for smartly handling media-independent information. Organizations are looking for one truth when it comes to product information.

Valuable information

With FlowFabric’s Product Information Management (PIM) system, data turns into a valuable business asset. With a PIM system, product information is stored centrally. Product properties and article groups are recorded, and the information is kept up-to-date by creating different classifications. This introduces a product lifecycle and provides insight into all current product versions and related information. This can then be offered to other systems. This is one of the central functions of a PIM system. The so-called ‘single source of truth.’

Central management

A solution for centrally managing all product information is the basis for your omni-channel strategy. From here, endless possibilities are created to support the journey of your customers further.

Always available

The FlowFabric PIM solution makes current product information centrally available and always within reach. The quality is better, and the control over manageability requires less time from your organization.

Short time-to-market

In addition to a reduction in operational costs, PIM ensures a uniform appearance and a short time to market to introduce new products. This makes it easier to connect with existing and new target groups.

"FlowFabric has made the process from product orientation to the enrichment of product information faster, more efficient and more flexible. The local business owners and the internal data management department are now working together on one workflow."

Michaƫl Roestenburg - IT- & project manager