The Short Cyclic Assignments Platform (PKCO) is the application for monitoring, planning, solving and handling assignments in the broadest sense of the word.


The Short Cyclical Assignments Platform responds to the demand for a streamlined process for the delivery of products & services, maintenance, inspections and the rectification of malfunctions. FlowFabric is a knowledge partner and supplies a solution that efficiently solves these (field service) issues. The solution focuses, among other things, on the automatic planning of assignments, the management of technicians and the management of contractors and subcontractors. In addition, the customer or client is facilitated with the possibility to schedule his own appointments.


The Platform Short Cyclical Assignments is modular and can be set up entirely according to your wishes. Smart mathematics in the form of a planning algorithm ensures watertight planning, route optimization, and the workforce’s effective management. The real-time Insights dashboard shows the correct management information with which bottlenecks can be traced, and the performance of the business can be viewed at a glance.

Acting quickly and flexibly on changes, high customer satisfaction, and the optimal delivery of products & services are central to the FlowFabric PKCO solution.
The Mendix based platform offers flexibility, chain integration, and the “Cool Blue” experience that customers demand today. Also, keep a grip on wishes, functionalities, financial objectives and drive innovation!

PKCO Module


The PKCO module, developed in Mendix, consists of the following parts:

  • Workflow: manage your processes and business logic
  • User portals: tailor tasks and functionalities to the users of the platform
  • Field Service: optimal management of the (service) technicians
  • Easy integration: integration of existing IT landscape, multi-protocol support, SSO SAML2.0, and connection of external registers
  • Planning: put planning in its power with dynamic planning and the integration Ortec service planner
  • Insights: real-time data visualization and management of KPI’s

PKCO Module


The PKCO module provides the following benefits:

  • 100% Fit: grip and wishes & functionalities
  • Cloud-based: hosting included
  • Uniform process: professionalize your business processes
  • Optimal customer experience: increase your customer satisfaction
  • Chain integration: manage the chain


Are you also looking for an application to support the follow-up, planning, solving and handling of assignments in the broadest sense of the word? Please contact us so we can show you more.

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