With the PDM & PLM applications, you have an overview of all steps in the development process and the lifecycle of your products before production starts


The collection of a retail or wholesale organization is essential for recognisability, innovation, and distinctiveness. Grip and insight into the composition of the collection, lead times, risks, and profitability are essential. This is a complex process with many different stakeholders. The demanding market conditions require a substantial collection. For many retail and wholesale organizations, an optimized and streamlined product data management process offers many potentials.

The product data management process is characterized by a high degree of complexity, from designing the collection to selecting the right materials, streamlining the purchasing process, and collaboration with your suppliers and manufacturers. It starts in the design department with specific design guidelines and ends with the production of the collection. That is why all steps in the design process must take place in a timely and sequential manner.

Domain expertise and best practices

With the combination of FlowFabric PDM & PLM solutions, domain expertise, and best practices, we can streamline your design process from A to Z. This gives you a grip on the collection composition and turnaround time. This provides insight into the success of a collection even before it comes onto the market.

Improve collaboration

You improve cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers. All information about product, logistics, quality, price and delivery is centrally available via the clear dashboards.

The complete supply chain

The entire supply chain is supported. The FlowFabric solutions eliminate the complexity of the product data management process and bring the approach to the essence of where it matters. Beautiful products, delivered on time at the right price and quality!

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