Order Management

FlowFabric’s order management solutions make order and return scenarios flexible and dynamic.

Omnichannel operation 'made easy'

Where previously retail and wholesale organizations were primarily focused on orders, their view has now broadened. Driven by various omnichannel issues, the customer and customer experience are also central. Organizations need to change and deal differently with their customer relationships. The online and offline worlds are increasingly merging. On the one hand, online activities are seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive proposition to customers. On the other hand, pure online players initially open their stores at strategic locations. This development is reflected in the IT landscape.



Dynamic order and return processing

Online is not possible without offline and vice versa. More and more companies are embedding this in their strategic direction determination. FlowFabric sees that the IT landscape at retailers and wholesalers is further developing towards an omnichannel world. This is not a choice but a must to keep up with the new world. Traditionally, order management has been closely linked to traditional ERP systems, but these are increasingly less often leading in the order management process. The central warehouse is no longer the holy grail for stock. FlowFabric takes retail and wholesale organizations into the new world of order management.

With FlowFabric’s order management solutions, complete order and return scenarios can be handled dynamically. For example, orders can be placed in the distribution center, an e-commerce fulfillment center, supplier, or even a local store. The system helps determine from which stock position, which customer is supplied at what time and how. Stock allocations and transactions are processed to be able to display the correct stock levels in real-time. Returns will be received, and payments will be refunded. As a result, the entire order flow is managed and transparent.

Dynamic handling

With FlowFabric’s Order Management solutions, we contribute to the faster access to new channels and the dynamic handling of different order and return scenarios.


The right customer journey

We create the right customer journey for your customers with the highest service level and the most excellent ease of use. Making purchases is a party again!

Short time-to-market

And ultimately, the goal and result are to achieve a shorter time-to-market with higher customer satisfaction through, among other things, real-time insight into order flows and stock levels.

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