Order entry management

With FlowFabric Order Entry Management, the customer is central and the entire sales process of your store is supported.

The customer is king

The customer comes first. Therefore, the flawless and efficient handling of the order is a top priority, especially in the presale phase. This phase is of great importance to many organizations. Orders are written with existing and new customers over a short period of time. The sales process is one integral whole. Your entire sales organization needs insight into the process. Think of the sales, sales support, agents and distributors departments.

Not only closing the order but also checking and approving the agreed conditions, delivering the goods, and measuring customer satisfaction are process components. It is essential that everyone is equipped with the right tools and to reduce manual actions. In this way, increased efficiency and lower operating costs are achieved.

The complete sales process

The entire sales process is supported by the solutions: Order Entry iPad App and B2B Webshop. The Order Entry iPad App offers direct access to an up-to-date and complete product catalog. The B2B Webshop allows your customers to reorder products. The ordering of promotional orders or marketing material is also provided. The webshop builds up a personal customer file in which an order’s status can be followed, but which also provides insight into specific customer conditions, order history, and invoices. Thanks to a central customer view and extensive reporting options, the order process runs as efficiently as possible.

Head Start

With the smart combination of FlowFabric solutions, domain expertise, and best practices, you can streamline your entire sales process. In this way, we contribute directly to increased order take, efficiency, and lower operational costs.

Beautiful products, the right customer experience. That’s what it’s about. But the sales process and the intake of orders must also be a party. By paying a lot of attention to the user experience, we ensure your target group’s right experience with higher customer satisfaction as a result. Sales periods determine the success of an organization. That is why our solutions provide grip and control through insight into current sales figures and other financial targets. In addition, we create a central customer view on the basis of personal files.


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