FlowFabric Insights

FlowFabric Insights enriches your Mendix applications with dynamic dashboards and reports for the necessary management information.


Business intelligence at your fingertips

Decisions are made at all levels. Everyone in an organization should therefore have access to data that supports decision-making in their domain. Then we speak of actionable data. To have actionable data within reach, it is essential that data is not locked up in applications but flows to where it should provide insight at the right time and in the desired view. And, if the need for information then increases, even more, the business must be able to obtain this data quickly and independently.


FlowFabric has added the capabilities of advanced analytics and business intelligence to its portfolio to create this condition for customers. A well-considered selection has resulted in a partnership with Qlik using the Qlik Sense product as the basis for FlowFabric Insights, an innovative framework to add Qlik Sense’s capabilities FlowFabric’s Mendix-based solutions.

Qlik Sense and Mendix
FlowFabric Insights is fully embedded in the applications of FlowFabric based on Mendix. To the eye, customers stay close to their Mendix application, but now with unprecedented reporting and visualization capabilities from Qlik Sense. FlowFabric Insights takes over the technical development for its customers who use Mendix applications. You can now focus on the definition of the report or the dashboard. On the fly data driven possibilities with endless visual representations. Below is a selection of the options that the business can now realize at the touch of a button.

Technical Innovation

The FlowFabric team has bridged several technical challenges to achieve these representations optimally. Data transfer, security, full integration in Mendix, and zero downtime, in the development of FlowFabric Insights attention, has been paid to all facets required for dynamic reporting and dashboarding.

With FlowFabric Insights, the entire organization can make informed decisions at both an operational and strategic level. Business analysts and knowledge workers thus become indispensable heroes.


Insights Data Module

FlowFabric developed a module for intelligent data transfer, the Insights Data Module (IDM). The starting point for this was that data can be exchanged quickly and flexibly between Mendix and the Qlik Sense reporting engine. This module’s ingenuity lies in the Extract Transform Load (ETL) process, with which data sources are retrieved, transformed into the correct format and loaded. The team developed intelligence so that only changed, new or deleted data is exchanged. After all, only this one is relevant.

The automatically generated load script ensures that data does not go back and forth unnecessarily often and requires performance. This minimizes the processing time for a report. Thanks to the optimized data transfer, a high-performance engine is created that can process large amounts of data in record time. Up to 1,000 times faster! This gives the business access to real-time data to support their decisions.

Insights Integration module
By integrating FlowFabric Insights into a Mendix model, the possibilities for visualizing data have become infinite, and users can enrich their insights without leaving the application. This allows them to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Thanks to seamless integration, the end-user has no idea of ​​data exchange, but that does not make it less essential to secure this. The module is equipped with a “secure http i connection”, which guarantees security according to the highest market standards.

By using FlowFabric Insights, the business is less dependent on the IT department. The IDM layer ensures that, just like with a Mendix application, a configuration can be made for the definition of reports, for example. Technically this leads to an OQL statement. The FlowFabric team has ensured that the business itself can change or add parameters and data fields. It has become a matter of configuration.

This makes it easy to meet changing data and reporting needs. And that this change is a given. Insight that adds value stimulates the need for information all the more. FlowFabric Insights ensures that the user continues to see the forest for the trees. Data is presented correctly and provides insight. External data can also be added to your own data, such as market figures, Chamber of Commerce data or land registry information. This adds an extra dimension to the decision-making process. FlowFabric Insights has been developed so that there is no downtime in case of a change in the reporting.

Best of two worlds

FlowFabric Insights, FlowFabric combines the best of both worlds, from Mendix as an application development platform and Qlik Sense as a BI platform for reporting and data visualization. The thinking has been done, challenges in this integration have been tackled. FlowFabric Insights is now being rolled out to the first customers. The FlowFabric sector-specific solutions such as the Promotion Manager in retail are now also enriched with it. With FlowFabric Insights, the entire organization can make informed decisions at both an operational and strategic level. Business analysts and knowledge workers thus become indispensable heroes.

FlowFabric Insights

Dynamic reports and dashboard at your fingertips for the end user.

Data visualization with endless possibilities.

Full embedding in Mendix applications.

It makes Mendix applications smarter.

Extra dimensions by merely adding external data sources.

Data transfer up to 1,000 times faster. So also very suitable for high volumes of data.

Model reports and dashboards up to 5x faster and easier.

Speed ​​and power by combining two unique worlds.

Technical innovations

An intelligent load script for fast data transfer and optimization. Defining reports in a configurable way. Full embedding in Mendix applications. Zero downtime, even when reports are adjusted on the fly. Full self-service functionality