FlowFabric Academy

Getting better at Mendix? Take a look at the different workshops of the FlowFabric Academy.

At FlowFabric we have been developing Mendix applications for over 10 years. We now know all the ins and outs of the platform. We train our own people with the knowledge we have in-house. This has resulted in a broad curriculum of different training courses and workshops that we also offer externally. Do you want to take yourself, your colleagues or your employees further in Mendix? Then scroll down to get an impression of what the FlowFabric Academy can offer you.

Mendix Introduction Training

Have you obtained your Mendix Rapid Developer certificate, but do you want to know more about the Mendix platform? The Mendix Introduction training is an addition to the Rapid Developer Course that is taught by Mendix itself. This training goes deeper into the basic features of the Mendix platform.

Bridge Course Mendix

Are you (almost) ready for your Mendix Advanced certificate? Put the finishing touches with the Bridge Course Mendix. The Bridge Course Mendix goes just a step further than the Mendix Introduction training and prepares the students to obtain the Advanced certificate.

Mendix Integration Training part 1 & 2

Do you want to do integrations with Mendix but are you not sure how? During the Mendix basic integration training we teach you the concepts around the Mendix platform, including SOAP Webservices. When you know the basics of Mendix integrations you are ready for part 2. The Mendix integration training part 2 goes deeper into the handling of interfaces, fault tolerance and REST services.

Basic Java Training

Do you want to do more with Java? The Basic Java training covers the introduction of object oriented programming and Mendix Java API.

Model Patterns

You can work with development standards and keep the quality of your Mendix application high after following this training. The modeling patterns training is about the quality, standardization and manageability of Mendix models. In addition, attention is also given to the application of development standards.

SOAP Workshops

Do you want to know all the ins and outs of integrations through services? We teach you this from simple to complex integrations, during the SOAP workshop.

UI/UX Workshop

Want to know more about UI / UX? During this workshop the application of styling elements such as Bootstrap within your Mendix applications, SASS, GULP and CSS is discussed. The new ATLAS UI framework is also included in this.

Certificates Workshop

Do you want to independently implement security within Mendix applications using certificates? Do you also want to provide your customer with advice? The certificates training is fully in line with this.

OQL Workshop

If the basic retrieve actions are not enough and you need more performance when retrieving data within your Mendix app, then the OQL workshop is perfect for you. You learn the basics of the Object Query Language and how and when to apply it.

Widget Workshop

How do I build my first widget? During the widget workshop we will teach you how to build your first widget with Javascript, DOJO or React JS in combination with Mendix.


Have the training and workshops of the FlowFabric Academy piqued your interest? Are you curious about the possibilities of following a training or workshop and how we can use this for your company? Fill in the form on the right and we will contact you as soon as possible to share more information.

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