Field Services

With the FlowFabric expertise around Field Service processes, you always have optimized planning.

Optimized planning

Thorough planning is a hygiene factor that every organization must-have. However, in-field services organizations, it is more than hygiene; but planning is related to the core business. For example, a loss adjuster must ensure that he completes an inspection on time. A retailer must ensure that the product is delivered to the consumer on time. A technician must repair a customer on time. A schedule that is not organized efficiently results in delays, extra costs, a reduced competitive advantage, and lower customer satisfaction.

Optimized planning for your field services helps to manage appointments cost-effectively. Services must be predictable without losing flexibility. It is precisely for unforeseen circumstances that a fast and accurate solution is required. Besides, it is essential that the planning of all your field services is available in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

Ortec Cloud Services


FlowFabric makes your planning issues negotiable.

Based on the Ortec Cloud Services, we optimize complex field services issues and turn your planning into a competitive advantage.




Optimized planning helps to make appointments profitably.

The planning becomes predictable without sacrificing flexibility.

Your planning is available anytime, anywhere, and is updated in real-time based on your business rules.