The Digital Collaboration Platform (DSP) is the digital information exchange system in the cable and pipeline sector.


Digital information exchange is currently central in the world of grid operators and contractors. The cable and pipeline industry has created the Digital Collaboration Platform (DSP) because of this digitization. The DSP creates constant communication between network operators and contractors, making paper administration a thing of the past.

Every network operator has the option of connecting to the DSP now or in the future. FlowFabric helps you with this connection. With our specific domain knowledge and best practices, any grid operator can be connected quickly and easily with the DSP module of FlowFabric.king platform (DSP) is the digital information exchange system in the cable and pipeline industry.


The Digital Collaboration Platform simplifies the complexity of the assignment exchange between network operators and contractors.

A large amount of paperwork and non-uniform PDF documents existed, the DSP facilitates this communication flows digitally.

This makes communication more efficient and transparent. By connecting to the DSP, you also have the advantage that the data quality is improved, and there is less chance of failure.

DSP Module


The DSP module, developed in Mendix, consists of the following parts:

  • Workflow: process support, dashboards, approvals, roles & rights
  • Contract management: contract agreements, specification codes, price agreements, production status control, and financial support
  • Version management: multi-version support, release management, and management & maintenance
  • Easy integration: integration of existing IT landscape, multi-protocol support, and SSO SAML2.0
  • Logging: log DSP interfaces, log ERP interfaces, error handling, push notifications & alerts
  • Insights: first time right, real-time chain insight, data visualization, dynamic reports, and KPIs

DSP Module


The DSP module provides the following benefits:

  • DSP provides insight into all processes DSP ensures fewer failure costs
  • DSP ensures uniformity throughout the chain
  • DSP ensures the highest quality

Technical Advantages:

  • Flexibility through low-code technology 1
  • 100% Cloud-based
  • Out of the box solutions
  • Plug & play

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