It  Ziezodan platform brings together tenants, property managers, and maintenance companies.

Ziezodan is an innovative service provider and digital partner in the real estate maintenance domain. The Ziezodan platform brings together tenants, property managers, and maintenance companies with the grand goal of making the maintenance process simple, efficient, and more accessible. For this, Ziezodan has developed the maintenance platform of the future together with FlowFabric and Adwise.

From idea to wish

One platform where tenant, housing corporation, and maintenance company come together.

This platform’s realization arose from ​​bringing together supply and demand of maintenance issues simply related to housing. In this platform, the reported malfunctions, the technicians’ skills, and capacity come together to offer the most efficient and customer-friendly solution, supported by intelligent technology. Writing and resolving a malfunction has never been more fun! Three parties come together in the platform, the tenant, the housing corporation, and the maintenance company.

In the current malfunction process of housing corporations, a malfunction is often reported by telephone by the resident. This malfunction is then logged into a system, and the report is submitted to an available technician from a contracted maintenance company. The technician’s visit is then scheduled at a convenient time for the maintenance company. The resident has little influence on this. Because the process has many different stakeholders and different underlying systems are used, reporting to resolving the malfunction is time-consuming and inefficient. The operational costs are too high, and the customer experience is too low.

"Thanks to the intensive collaboration with FlowFabric, there is now a platform of unprecedented quality."

Michiel Pot - Managing Director

Time for change

Time and space for change. Michiel Pot, General Manager of Ziezodan, thought it was time to make a difference in this market smartly, using modern and innovative technology. For the resident, the field technicians, and housing corporations. He realized Ziezodan together with FlowFabric and Adwise.

The Ziezodan platform

Michiel came into contact with FlowFabric at the beginning of 2017. Michiel says that FlowFabric immediately understood the underlying process and the platform idea. Partly due to the domain expertise of FlowFabric and the experience in developing intelligent business platforms, we were soon able to get started with the business model together. At the beginning of 2018, we jointly started building the Ziezodan platform. A first version was already in place a few months and the platform now handles the early reports. Ziezodan has developed into an innovative, smart, and scalable platform with its own identity and ready-to-date future.

“The need we had was to set up a platform for our business idea. Namely the bringing together of housing association, tenant and maintenance technician in 1 platform. Looking at this process differently together with the right partners and quickly realizing something that we can build on towards the future using innovative techniques ”, says Michiel. The main goal of the Ziezodan platform is to be able to report a malfunction within 3 minutes, schedule it, and confirm the appointment. In the same 3 minutes, the housing corporation and maintenance company are informed. The report is made via a chatbot combined with Whatsapp and Artificial Intelligence, whereby the resident is linked to the web page. We are thus skipping the role of the underlying call center.

"The added value of FlowFabric is that they know how to design and shape a process like this."

Michiel Pot - Managing Director

Mendix, Ortec and Insights

The basis of the Ziezodan platform has been realized, using Mendix technology. We then make the Ziezodan platform and Mendix smarter by adding other technology in the background and integrating it seamlessly into the business process. For example, Ortec’s planning algrotime is used, with which we can very quickly propose optimal planning to both the resident and the technician. Not only are available time units looked at, but also the content of the failure, the required competencies and the most sustainable route. Besides, the resident has more influence on scheduling the appointment: so optimal planning and the customer experience.

besides FlowFabric Insights Integrated into the Ziezodan platform. Insights is a module of FlowFabric and are used for data visualization, intelligent business intelligence, and data science applications. The desired data, in combination with the interrelationships, is presented correctly. In this way, users of the Ziezodan platform can see the status of specific processes, a report, or one of the other KPIs. But predictions can also be made in the future about how processes run and will develop.


FlowFabric & Ziezodan

“We opted for a collaboration with FlowFabric because we were immediately in agreement about how to design the platform. This was partly thanks to FlowFabric’s domain knowledge in the field of service excellence and the experience with developing these types of smart platforms. “The added value of FlowFabric is that they know how to design and shape a process like this.”

FlowFabric & Ziezodan

“We had an extraordinary collaboration with FlowFabric. We had not drawn up a set of requirements, but we had several drawings, stories, and visions. ” Michiel tells.

FlowFabric & Ziezodan

“I enjoyed the collaboration. It was intensive and pleasant. Sometimes it was a search because we had not described how we wanted everything. But we have gradually invented this. ” Michiel also indicates that he is not a technician himself. By including FlowFabric in its story and vision for the future, the technical interpretation followed automatically. Freedom and responsibility are perhaps the core values ​​that characterize our collaboration.

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