Welkoop is a retail organization for gardens and animals with 149 retail locations, a webshop, and about 1,500 employees. The organization is based on the agricultural clientele but now mainly focuses on consumers. The head office and distribution center for franchisees is located in Ede. The IT department is also housed here, which is responsible for all branches and the webshop. Welkoop has been working closely with FlowFabric for years to automate the promotion process. A special collaboration that led to the development of the FlowFabric Promotion Manager in 2011.

Optimize folder process

Already in 2010, Carel van Rijsewijk, ICT Manager at Welkoop, came into contact with the founders of FlowFabric Kjeld Cornelissen and René Tusveld. At that time, there was an immediate need at Welkoop to optimize the folder process. Van Rijsewijk: “At the time, FlowFabric had just started as a Mendix partner, and we got into a conversation via email. Our folder process was not optimal. On the one hand, because many disciplines were involved and the required data was not centrally available. On the other hand, it was a manual and, therefore, error-prone process. A workflow had to be made to create a high-quality folder, and enough data had to be available.

Because I saw a future development based on low-code, I presented the challenge to FlowFabric to solve our problem within two months. This has resulted in the first version of the FlowFabric Promotion Manager! Based on the application knowledge of FlowFabric and our knowledge of the business, we developed this application together. It is nice to see that other retail organizations have also been helped with this in recent years.

"We keep each other on our toes. At the start of our collaboration, FlowFabric showed that they could do this translation, which immediately created trust. In the meantime, FlowFabric has also built up a lot of knowledge in the retail market, which we also benefit from. "

Carel van Rijsewijk - Manager ICT

Optimize and automate

Room for innovation

A few years later, FlowFabric and Welkoop are still working together. Welkoop’s IT department has seven employees who mainly focus on functional management, the translation from business to IT, design, and direction towards partners. “In 2006, we started the switch from operational to tactical and strategic,” says Van Rijsewijk. “Internally, we mainly want to focus on optimizing the business, so we have outsourced the operational activities as much as possible. The management of the Promotion Manager is therefore entirely with FlowFabric. We are currently working on a major project to better support our business processes from IT. The first step in this is the phased implementation of a new ERP system. All processes from purchasing to sales in the stores will be optimized and automated step by step in this project. This also meant that in the preparation, we wanted to switch to the latest version of the Promotion Manager, so that it will connect seamlessly with the new ERP system and business processes again.”

Insight into promotion data

In recent years, minor changes have been made to the Promotion Manager based on business requests, and someone from FlowFabric was present at the Welkoop head office every month. Hanno van Harn, IT Project Manager at Welkoop, says: “The fact that we develop side by side is an essential part of the collaboration. We see every project as a common goal and as a team effort. This was no different for the implementation of the new Promotion Manager. Many departments are involved in the promotion process, from marketing to category management and promotion managers. We have automated as many communication systems as possible to reduce the susceptibility to errors further. Promotions are now automatically transferred from the Promotion Manager to the ERP system, the POS system, and the webshop. The Demand Planning department also works with the Promotion Manager to ensure that the right products are in the store at the right time.

Promotion Data

Another improvement that we have realized is the insight into the promotion data. All data is now centralized to estimate better what to do in the future based on past results. Clear visuals help to gain this insight. ” In addition to consolidating the data, Welkoop now also has a digital marketing calendar. “From the planning to the result, the entire process is now centrally visible,” says Van Harn.

Supplier management

“Finally, supplier management is also automated. No more appointments in Excel or manual invoicing. Everything is centrally recorded in the Promotion Manager. ”

Retail knowledge

“The success of the collaboration lies in the fact that, based on our joint knowledge, we can convert the needs of the business into attractive IT solutions,” says Van Rijsewijk. “We keep each other on our toes. At the start of our collaboration, FlowFabric showed that they could do this translation, which immediately created trust. In the meantime, FlowFabric has also built up a lot of knowledge in the retail market, which we also benefit from. In addition, the level of the Mendix developers is high. We do not have this expertise in-house. As a customer, you cannot hang back in a partnership. It is teamwork to achieve success. FlowFabric has the same vision, and that has resulted in a successful and sustainable collaboration. ”


promotion manager of the future

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