The Dutch family business Mourik has grown into a global player in infrastructure, industrial and utility construction, industrial services, catalyst handling, environmental technology, and project development. With offices in the Netherlands, England, Qatar, Venezuela, and the US, the company employs 2,000 employees. The Mourik IT department is located at the head office in Groot-Ammers, where IT is facilitated for all Mourik companies. One of Mourik IT’s goals is to automate manual processes, such as the time registration process. For this, Mourik has entered into a partnership with FlowFabric.

Flexible layer around ERP-system

Mourik achieves significant savings thanks to the time registration app.

Because the ERP system lacked the necessary flexibility to automate the process from planning to time registration, Mourik went looking for a flexible layer around the ERP system. Jaap van der Welle, Corporate IT Manager at Mourik, explains: “Our main objective was to achieve efficient time registration. We come from a situation where people on the construction site fill in a timesheet. This note then went to the foreman, administration, and accountant, after which it was entered into our ERP system, had to be checked and paid. The chance of errors was, therefore, very high. It is a slow process, and checking the hours is almost impossible. Moreover, there was an insufficient link with the planning. To automate this entire process, we entered into talks with Mendix. We were immediately enthusiastic and started the project with Mendix specialist FlowFabric. ”

In the conversations with FlowFabric, there immediately appeared to be a lot of confidence. Van der Welle: “We had mapped out several requirements in advance about the product and the partner. For example, we did not want a niche product and, with a view to collaborations, we looked at the solutions used in the market, for example. Also, security had to be properly secured, there was a flexible platform, and we especially did not want to set up a heavy software development department ourselves. That is how we ended up with a low-code platform Mendix, with which we can work web-based. We also immediately had a good click with FlowFabric. It was our first time working with Mendix and in sprints, so we needed a specialist. Together we started developing the Mura app: the Mourik time registration app. ”


FlowFabric helps us secure the necessary knowledge within our organization and inspires us with the platform's possibilities. This is how we take targeted steps towards the future together.

Jaap van der Welle - Manager Corporate IT at Mourik

Trust and transparency

The Mura App

The Mura app has been developed to professionalize time registration and gain more insight into and control project costs. “Paper job sheets and manual actions are now a thing of the past,” says Van der Welle. “In the new desktop and mobile application, production personnel and foremen can now digitally track and approve their hours. Thanks to a link with the ERP system, employees also directly access their planning in the app. This way, they always have insight into their planning and the details of the assignment, and they can immediately implement any changes to the hours. Because we also wanted to keep a real sense of the project ourselves, some of the work took place internally.

In short sprints, we have continuously developed part of the application and FlowFabric, and our employees then tested this directly with the end-users. In this way, we made sure that it was not an IT party but that the end-user remained continuously involved in the development. This has undoubtedly contributed to the excellent results we have achieved. ”

Ambassadors and business case
The project was rolled out within four months, and the results were above expectations. Van der Welle: “I am thrilled with the result. You always take setbacks into account, but in fact, everything went according to plan, and we achieved the desired quality. We did not receive any negative messages from end-users during the rollout of the application. That’s quite special because some of them had never even had a mobile phone in their hands! We included all end-users in small groups throughout the entire process. From handing out smartphones to an explanation of the app and support from the service desk. Our end users are now our greatest ambassadors, a great compliment for such a development process.”

In addition to the happy end users, Mourik has also realized significant savings thanks to this project. “The margin of error in the number of registrations has fallen to 5 to 10 percent, and on a weekly basis, we save about 68 hours across all departments and employees. From a financial point of view, we achieved annual savings of € 80,000 by automating this process.”

Digital Transformation

Mourik IT is currently working on a significant transformation project. This means, among other things, that the organization will outsource the entire infrastructure and that more focus can be placed on delivering added value to the organization. Van der Welle concludes: “This Mendix project in collaboration with FlowFabric is a flywheel for more development. We want to automate more and more processes and, for example, also determine what new developments such as IoT and robotization can mean for us. To do that and continue to distinguish ourselves, you need a platform that translates from IT to the business and vice versa. Ultimately, our goal is to deploy the Mendix platform throughout the organization. FlowFabric helps us secure the necessary knowledge within our own organization and inspires us with the platform’s possibilities. This is how we take targeted steps towards the future together.”

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