Unica is the largest independent all-around technical service provider in the Netherlands and has extensive energy, ICT, security, and installation technology expertise. Every day, more than 2,000 employees are committed to solving issues in energy, office occupancy, (fire) security, making buildings more sustainable, ICT, and healthy living and working environments with the help of technology. With fourteen branches in the Netherlands, Unica is always close by. Also, Unica consists of three regional project companies and ten specialized companies. The technical service provider has an essential focus on high-quality services and long-term partnerships. For an excellent customer experience, Unica sets up a central service desk that acts as a single point of contact to accept and follow up customer reports. With FlowFabric, a workflow-driven application has been developed with which the daily work on the service desk has become structured and well-organized.

A deal is a deal

Every day, Unica receives hundreds of new customer reports via various channels such as telephone, e-mail, the mijn.unica.nl customer portal, or directly from the installations via IoT sensors. Statements can concern malfunctions, quotations, order confirmations, status requests, and information requests. The service coordinators previously accepted the reports at the various Unica locations. Determining the urgency of a fault report and the correct handling thereof is a complex task without the necessary automation. The amount in combination with the various customer agreements, including the response time (starting on time), recovery time (visiting, making findings, and making emergency provision), and resolution time (definitively resolving the malfunction), is the cause of this.

A deal is a deal
The service coordinators were responsible for planning all work types, including breakdowns, inspections, modifications, and regular maintenance. Besides, they are engaged in, among other things, making calculations and quotations. “Customer experience is a great asset for Unica. We noticed that there was room for improvement by separating the plannable tasks of the service coordinators from ad hoc matters, ”explains Tom Geurts, ICT Project Leader at Unica.


After a report was taken, no set workflow was enforced. The knowledge of the notification and the domain was only in the minds of the service coordinators. “The status was kept as well as other details, but if you wanted to know more about this, you had to search for it actively. This meant that the lists with special reports had to be reassessed every time until a task could be picked up. The service coordinator was not helped in the sequence of picking up the right task. ”

The correct acceptance of a report is crucial for a proper follow-up. “To initiate the right actions, you have to be able to get to the heart of the report. Centrally available information about the history and question suggestions are essential here. For example, the same malfunction may be reported by several people or channels from the customer. Then it is not desirable that follow-up is arranged twice. However, it also happens that the corrected problem occurs again the next day and gives a message. In this case, follow-up must be arranged. It often happens that the service desk receives an error message about the temperature in a building. This may be due to a defect in heating or an air conditioning system. Such situations each require a different approach and expertise. ”

"Already during the introduction, it became clear that FlowFabric's extensive experience would enrich our team. We know exactly what it takes to solve a malfunction in the best way, and FlowFabric knows how to translate this perfectly into an IT solution.

Tom Geurts - Project leader ICT

Centrally organized service desk

service desk consisting of dedicated service coordinators. They must bring each report to the next stage and document it uniformly in a new system. Unica started the search for a party that could support this transition. The company came into contact with the advantages of the rapid development platform Mendix and soon ended up with FlowFabric. “The fact that FlowFabric knows the ins and outs of Mendix’s possibilities was certainly an advantage. For us, the flexibility and speed of development in Mendix was still unexplored territory. The domain knowledge, vision for the future, and the personal click were the deciding factors in the choice,” explains Tom.

Just three words

“Already during the introduction, it became clear that FlowFabric’s extensive experience would enrich our team. We know exactly what it takes to solve a malfunction in the best way, and FlowFabric knows how to translate this perfectly into an IT solution. We got along well, and often only three words were enough to achieve good results every day. Often even better than I expected. Almost all functional and technical requirements have been met appropriately.”


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