Thuisvaccinaties comes to clients’ homes for the administration of vaccinations.

As the name suggests, visits clients at home to administer vaccinations. To a large extent, it concerns travel vaccinations. Experienced doctors come to the time and place that is most convenient for the client. They can make all appointments online themselves. Despite the high quality of service, the costs charged by are competitive with those of traditional vaccination institutions. To take advantage of this competitive advantage in the long term, it was necessary to transform the back office so that it is suitable for further growth.

Lean & Mean

To ensure that processes remain lean & mean, is investing in its back office’s further automation. Serko Hermans, Managing Director, explains that the current IT environment was due for replacement. “We have grown significantly in recent years. We are heading towards 100,000 customers per year. It became increasingly difficult to efficiently process the scheduling of all appointments, client files, vaccine registration, and invoicing. In addition, the system was not flexible enough to link with other applications. It was no longer an option to upgrade the existing application. It would be too expensive and time-consuming.”


The success, therefore, created some pressure for to come up with a solution quickly. With the wishes of short lead times for planning and handling appointments, developing the application quickly, and obtaining insightful results, Mendix quickly arrived at Mendix. With the model-driven capabilities of the Mendix platform, the optimal solution can be rapidly realized. Especially in those areas where organizations can distinguish themselves or where there is no standard solution, Mendix is ​​the ideal platform.


“There was an immediate click and a sense of trust between FlowFabric and Thuisvaccinatie.”

Serko Hermans - Managing Director

Working completely digitally

With optimal planning

A complex planning process
Scheduling an appointment with one of the Home Vaccination doctors involves a significant planning issue. “We have a complex planning process,” says Serko. The Home Vaccination doctors work throughout the Netherlands, seven days a week. “To allow our customers to schedule an appointment themselves, a lot of control and calculations are needed behind the scenes. In addition to good planning, we want the doctors to drive the most optimal route. In this way, we work as efficiently as possible. Travel time, the length of the consultation, and of course, the period in which our clients can schedule appointments are taken into account.

A scheduling algorithm
FlowFabric has integrated this process in the Mendix application of Home Vaccination, using a planning algorithm. To make an appointment by the customer, the Mendix application sends a request for timeslots to the planning software, taking into account variables such as postcode and region. The scheduling software checks when a doctor is available within one of the requested timeslots, matching the postcode area and the requested consultation.


At the moment, blocks of time are returned to Mendix per request with the first possible options. Serko: “Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Imagine that humans do this. Through this process, we save a lot of time and therefore money.”

No more paperwork
Serko explains: “With the arrival of this application, we have completely switched to digital. We now work 100% without paper, and everything is done in the application. From scheduling the customer’s appointment, determining the route navigation for the doctor, making notes, and signing off during the consultation. The application can also be used on any device, such as a telephone, iPad, and computer.”

Continuous Improvement
“When business processes are automated, it is important to improve continuously. This is now possible with Home Vaccination, partly due to Mendix. Mendix is ​​a low-code platform in which development is simple and permanent. This makes the application smarter and easier to use,” says Serko.

FlowFabric & Home Vaccination

“There was an immediate click and a sense of trust between FlowFabric and Thuisvaccinatie. The entire team, from both organizations, was closely involved in the development process. As a result, we have been able to make good progress quickly. It was a very complex application, but we managed to get it live in six months. Of course, we are still developing, the technology is getting better, and we want to implement this in our application. There are also challenging good plans for the future and further optimization of our processes ”, says Serko.

Ready for new opportunities

Different processes have been automated step by step. The agile development method enabled to monitor progress closely. “This method allows us to see what progress has been made immediately. We also share these with our employees to make adjustments based on their feedback where necessary. We are now working on a modern back-office that can be seamlessly linked to the websites on the front-end,” says Serko. “Then we will have a future-proof IT environment that enables us to scale up and expand our services. More and more medical procedures will be performed at the client’s home. Should new opportunities arise, we can respond to them immediately.”

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