Funeral caretaker and insurer Monuta makes a goodbye with a good feeling possible for everyone. After a death, the farewell must be completed appropriately. Personal attention, empathy, and decisiveness are essential values ​​for Moneta. Monuta’s ambition is clear: to realize a 9+ experience for all its customers. A focus on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is necessary for this. To be able to improve on this continuously, Monuta is committed to further digitization of processes and modernization of systems. To this end, the organization works closely with FlowFabric, among others.

Operational Excellence

At Monuta the question is always central: what does a customer need? These needs differ from individual to individual and are subject to the test of time. “Being able to move flexibly and quickly with the market is very important to us,” explains Martin van den Bedum, Portfolio and Program Manager at Monuta. “To achieve this, we started the” De Rode Loper “program a few years ago. A now completed program in which the customer and his / her needs were central and steering on turnover, cancellation, and other KPIs was increasingly subordinated. For this program, we were looking for a partner for various parts. A partner who could help us with a unique and unambiguous customer view.”

Via an RFP, FlowFabric came into the picture with the rapid application platform Mendix. Martin: “At the start of the program, we researched various rapid application development technologies and application development experts. The criteria for the platform were a high degree of flexibility, speed, and scalability. We also wanted a knowledge-intensive and flexible partner to spar with and build up knowledge about Mendix.

The FlowFabric experts know the platform inside and out. The first project we have tackled together is the development of the "Customer Display". The fact that operational excellence also went up sharply as a result, was a nice side effect.

Martin van den Bedum - Portfolio and program manager

The right data at the right time

The correct data at the right time

The unique and unambiguous Customer Display turned out to be a successful start to many years of cooperation. Martin: “Our more than one hundred employees can adequately answer all questions with the Customer Display. They can see at a glance the details of the customer they have on the phone, such as name and address details, insurance policies, payment status, and customer history. Previously, this information had to be looked up in five different systems. In addition to being cumbersome, lack of integration also resulted in duplication and outdated information. In less than sixty days, the scrum team realized the Customer Display that brought together customer data from the various systems. The application forms a shell around the core systems, as it were. The data was there, but thanks to FlowFabric, we could consult the relevant data unambiguously and uniquely at the right time.” The employees are now able to advise and serve around 1.5 million customers personally. This project was an excellent start to the collaboration with FlowFabric.

Direction with the customer

Thanks to the Customer Display’s success, the choice of partner and platform for the next innovation was evident. The development speed that is possible with Mendix and the flexibility of FlowFabric has led to several successful follow-up projects. Martin tells about this: “With FlowFabric, we breathed life into the new initiative, a personal online page dedicated to saying goodbye to a deceased person. Family members design the page in the desired style and also choose the functionalities they want to use. Depending on the wishes of the loved ones, the next of kin are allowed to support each other in the grieving process by offering condolences or sharing memories in text, photos, and video. The platform also serves as a source of information for the funeral. Next of kin can be invited to attend the funeral. The third project that has now been completed is the inventory and recording of funeral wishes. Based on this, users receive tailor-made advice about their funeral wishes and can arrange this directly financially through insurance. The time-to-market has been considerably shortened. With this application, the business can increase customer loyalty.

On the one hand, it is an excellent transfer document for next of kin and, on the other hand, it is a tool to check whether the insurance cover is appropriate. This is also in line with an essential need in the market the customer wants to arrange. Then affairs. Mendix’s efforts have made it easy to bring ideas from the business to the market. The following initiatives to further improve the customer experience are therefore already in the works.”


Inspelen op trends
“Waar we met inspelen op de trend van online delen, vervullen we met het Klantbeeldscherm een totaal andere behoefte. Ook de uitdagingen die met de ontwikkeling van de applicaties gepaard gingen, waren wezenlijk anders”, vertelt Martin. “Met het Klantbeeldscherm zochten we de randen van Mendix op ten aanzien van de backend-integratie. Bij zat de grootste uitdaging in het visuele design. De pagina moest er immers uitzien als een website.” Door deze twee uitersten heeft het team van Monuta een goed beeld gekregen van de reikwijdte van Mendix. Hierop heeft Monuta in 2017 besloten een Mendix enterprise-licentie af te nemen en is Mendix structureel opgenomen in het applicatielandschap en de systeemontwikkeling. “Hiermee zijn we zelf in de lead als het gaat om IT-optimalisatie en -innovaties. Daarbij kunnen we altijd rekenen op de flexibiliteit van FlowFabric. Als het nodig is, is er altijd iemand die direct bij kan springen.”

Agile en kennis borgen
FlowFabric en Monuta zijn allebei grote voorstanders van de Agile-werkwijze. “Gedurende alle projecten vormden we één scrumteam met één taak”, licht Martin toe. “FlowFabric hield daarnaast nauwlettend in de gaten dat de strategische uitrol van Mendix goed werd aangepakt. Doordat we letterlijk samenwerkten, werd kennisdeling over het platform geborgd. Dit is voor ons van groot belang, omdat we uiteindelijk zoveel mogelijk kennis en expertise van Mendix binnen Monuta zelf willen borgen.”

“Inmiddels hebben we de stap gemaakt van het incidenteel inhuren van FlowFabric-experts op projectniveau naar het structureel borgen van de juiste kennis. FlowFabric is hierin een echte sparringspartner. De organisatie denkt mee over hoe we de juiste kennis kunnen borgen en op welke manier. Zo hebben we onder andere gebruikgemaakt van een Mendix-coach om één van onze ontwikkelaars op te leiden tot Mendix-ontwikkelaar.”

Veranderingen zijn kansen geworden
“We blijven verder optimaliseren. We zitten inmiddels in een vergaande digitalisering en modernisering van ons applicatielandschap. Dit doen we in het programma ‘Klaar voor Digitaal’. Een programma dat zeker nog tot 2020 zal lopen. IT ondersteunt de business niet meer, business is IT geworden. Daarbij evolueert ook de rolverdeling tussen FlowFabric en Monuta. FlowFabric ondersteunt ons met consultancy, ontwikkeling en beheer. De nadruk zal steeds minder op ontwikkeling komen te liggen, naarmate we Mendix zelf beter kunnen doorgronden. Dankzij de keuze voor FlowFabric en Mendix kunnen we meebewegen met veranderende klantwensen. In plaats van uitdagingen zijn de veranderingen juist kansen geworden”, zegt Martin tot slot.

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FlowFabric specializes in digitally transforming organizations that want to excel in the field of service excellence. We contribute structurally to an optimal process in combination with exceptional customer experiences and enthusiastic customers. Many organizations in the insurance industry have taken a path that contributes to an optimal customer experience and long-term relationships.

We support various insurance industry organizations such as CED, TVM, HDI, and Monuta with innovative Mendix Applications to implement this strategy. We bring the correct flow into business processes. In this way, our customers experience the benefits of transforming from a complex to a simple process and thus being more decisive in propagating the good customer experience. We offer a suitable answer to every issue.

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