Intratuin is more than a garden center. It is a green experience. Intratuin currently has 60 branches, 51 in the Netherlands, 5 in Belgium, and 4 in Germany. The full range consists of more than 700,000 articles. The management of these articles could be more efficient and service-oriented. This posed a significant challenge for Intratuin, one that is perfect for FlowFabric. Article management was professionalized and prepared for further (international) growth.

“FlowFabric has made the process from product orientation to the enrichment of product information faster, more efficient, and more flexible. The local entrepreneurs and the internal data management department are now working together on one workflow. ”

Michaël Roestenburg - IT- en projectmanager

Article management optimized

To promote the independence of entrepreneurs of the Intratuin branches, there are also local assortments and the mandatory core range. The orientation of new articles to expand the range was not included in the ERP. If it was decided to add an article to the range, it had to be entered manually. Besides, the entrepreneurs of the branch could not log in to the ERP environment, which also made placing orders a time-consuming and error-prone process. When the ERP environment was due for an update, this was the time for Intratuin to set up article management differently.

Why FlowFabric?

To realize this, the garden center has engaged FlowFabric. “Of all the parties we spoke to, they understood us best,” said Michaël. “We were amazed by their knowledge of retail processes. As a result, the experts know how to connect the application to our business optimally. Another important reason to choose FlowFabric is that they know exactly how to get the most out of Product Data Management and Product Information Management application.”


FlowFabric houses the article management in Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) application. PDM serves as a portal for product orientation of, for example, garden sets and cushions. The information of products added to the Intratuin range is then fed from PDM into the ERP environment. PIM enriches this with text and images for a clear view towards all channels to implement the omnichannel strategy. Parallel to the realization of the new application, the ERP environment is undergoing an update.


The step that will be taken after implementing the FlowFabric Promotion Manager has now also been defined. Intratuin wants to give suppliers access to the platform. This creates a triangle of Intratuin, the entrepreneurs of the branches and suppliers. They can then submit proposals for a new range directly. “With the new applications, we are laying a solid foundation for now and a flexible foundation for the future,” concludes Michaël.

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