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EOC offers the best marine insurance products and services to its members and policyholders.

EOC Ship Insurance stands for honest insurance and professional advice. EOC offers the best marine insurance products and services to its members and policyholders. Together with its enthusiastic and committed employees, EOC wants to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction score. That is the reason that she has entered into a partnership with FlowFabric. To serve its customers as well and quickly as possible, EOC has realized an online application route together with FlowFabric. Effectively, the insurance application process now takes only a few minutes for both the customer and EOC.

The translation from offline to online

Insure online

“At EOC, there was a need to translate the entire interaction process between EOC and its customers from offline to online”, says Ferdy Hoekman, Manager Marketing, Communication & Advice at EOC. At EOC, quotations were still requested via forms, after which a lot of administration had to be done, and a lot of paperwork went back and forth. This could and had to be done faster. At EOC, we want to add as much value as possible in our interaction with customers, whereby the customer chooses to do this online or offline.

“We wanted to automate not only this process but also all our other processes. That is why we started looking for a suitable software partner. This turned out to be Mendix.

The main reason for choosing Mendix is ​​because the Mendix platform allows for rapid development. It is possible to convert processes into attractive applications in a short time, ”says Ferdy.

The online application street has been developed in such a way that all customers have the option of taking out their insurance online. After filling in the ship details, a premium is issued, after which the insurance can be put together. There are also options for attaching photos and appraisal reports. Once the customer has completed the application in full, the ship is insured, subject to acceptance.

At that moment, the insurance application arrives at EOC. It is up to EOC to assess whether we can accept this application.

"Thanks to FlowFabric, we can now realize our ambition to ensure our customers within 24 hours."

Ferdy Hoekman - Manager Marketing, Communication & Advice

Complete application in 8 weeks

“At EOC, we knew very well what to include in the application. As a result, we had already developed many functionalities ourselves. FlowFabric has developed at our location. This was a great advantage because it was possible to switch continuously”, says Ferdy.

“The entire process from an application by the customer to acceptance by EOC is housed in this application. Every adjustment to the insurance takes place in real-time. This means that the adjusted price is immediately visible on the screen. The application street is a complex application because it contains a lot of data. Think of a lot of different types of ships. Each ship has countless options. So it’s fantastic that we managed to build this entire process into one application in such a short time,” says Ferdy.

Ferdy explains: “Before we started using the application, a form was filled in by our customers by telephone or via the website. This was submitted to us together with a request for a quotation. After this, a quotation was sent to the customer, which had to be accepted. This was put back into the system by an EOC employee, and after this, the customer received a policy. ”

“It quickly took several days for our customers to be insured. This is no longer an issue with the application. The customer now immediately receives provisional cover and insurance, subject to acceptance. On the EOC side, an application only needs to be checked and accepted online. Thanks to FlowFabric, we can now realize our ambition to ensure our customers within 24 hours. ”

Clarity & Convenience

“This new way of working has many advantages,” says Ferdy. “This makes it immediately apparent to the customer what an insurance policy will cost. We have therefore deliberately chosen to inform the customer of the premium as soon as possible. Ultimately, in addition to the cover, the most important thing is what the insurance will cost. ”

“On the EOC side, the application offers a lot of time savings. Our employees can now focus more on helping the customers further. We are no longer concerned with the administration but with acceptance. This also gives our employees more fun at work. Because they can now focus on the customer’s passion, namely letting them enjoy their ship carefreely.

The surrounding administration has been given a minimal role in their daily activities.”

Besides, there are also annual peaks at EOC, namely during the pleasure boating season. That is why they have enormous peak traffic in the spring and summer. Ferdy indicates that it is particularly nice at these moments that the customers are immediately insured, and they only have to click on the acceptance button. “That way, we can help many more customers in a short time.”

“Going through the entire process has been reduced to just a few minutes for both the customer and our employees. We no longer have to retype quotations and therefore pay more attention to the customer”, says Ferdy.

EOC & FlowFabric

“We have experienced the collaboration with FlowFabric as very pleasant. This is partly because development was done on location. This allowed making choices and making decisions. But even when a question arose, we were only one door away from the answer. As a result, the application was developed quickly and in a short time. ”

EOC & FlowFabric

“With 20,000 customers, we think it is essential to continue to build on our (online) application landscape. Our customers deserve the best service, and with FlowFabric, we ensure that we are ready for this. The next project is, therefore already in the starting blocks. We are now setting up the basics, and after that, we want to expand with more specific applications. “

EOC & FlowFabric

“How cool would it be, for example, if a skipper could order his groceries online and then be delivered the next time he moored? These are just fancies, but what is certain is that we are far from done with it. expanding our Mendix application landscape.”

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