Donker Groep

Donker Groep is the organization for the design, construction, and maintenance of gardens, grounds, neighborhoods, playgrounds, and inner parks.

Donker Groep has more than 800 gardeners who go out every day to create a beautiful and sustainable green environment. This involves a lot of administration, which is why Donker Groep has entered into a partnership with FlowFabric. Together we ensure that the processes within Donker Groep are as simple as possible, using an application landscape.

FlowFabric & Mendix

The search for a low-code platform

“Donker Groep was looking for a low-code platform,” says Niels, IT Manager at Donker Groep. The wish of Donker Groep is to use IT as a strategic weapon. For this, applications must be able to be developed quickly. To do this, Donker Group does not want to be dependent on a cooperation partner and wants to develop applications itself through its employees. This was the reason to look for a low-code platform. The choice for FlowFabric, and therefore Mendix, was quickly made. Niels about the choice for FlowFabric: “We had several requirements about the software platform and the collaboration partner.

For example, it had to be a Dutch company and of some size. We have looked at the more significant implementation partners. FlowFabric stood out because they had knowledge of links with specific systems and had immersed themselves in the industry. We then made several reference visits, all of which were very positive. That was the ultimate deciding factor in choosing FlowFabric. Another critical point was that FlowFabric makes its applications with Mendix. With the help of Mendix, we can meet our customer needs and quickly catch up in the IT field. “

"Halfway through the instruction, the first gardeners had already completed the hours."

Niels Hellinga - IT-Manager

Time registration

First things first

The first application planned at Donker Groep was the time registration system. “There was a need for a time registration system because this was still all done manually. A lot of time and annoyance could be saved here, ”says Niels.

Donker Groep had already done a lot of homework itself beforehand. They had thought about a design, made a process diagram, and collected internal requirements. This resulted in a lot of time being saved during the analysis phase. This was an advantage for Donker Groep because they wanted to start developing as soon as possible. Niels explains: “Developing in sprints was new to us, but it went very well. This is certainly a good approach towards the organization. That way, we can make a new change every time, and it feels less colossal. ” In less than three months, FlowFabric and Donker Groep jointly developed the time registration app and realized the go-live at the first location.

After six months, all 18 branches of Donker Groep had the application in use. 

500 employees now fill in the hours digitally 

The time registration application is a replacement for the “old-fashioned timesheets”. All gardeners enter the hours worked in this application every day. “In the application, links have been made with our other systems. For example, the invoicing is linked to the application, as is the salary administration. This saves a lot of administration and therefore time.” 

Less administrative work and more time

For this, the hours were manually entered on a note, after which this was taken over by the HR department in the administration system. With the arrival of this application, everyone works in the same application,” says Niels. “Actually, the only thing that has changed is working with a smartphone app. This is a big change because about 500 employees had to work with it.”

FlowFabric & Donker Groep: A golden duo

During the entire development process, an employee of Donker Groep helped develop the time registration app. Such collaboration is not standard. Beau, a Mendix developer at Donker Groep, immediately started developing FlowFabric after following the three-day Rapid development training at Mendix. This went well, according to Niels. FlowFabric further trained and educated Beau during the development of the application. Niels indicates that this was an ideal situation for Donker Groep and Beau. “Beau had experienced developers around him and in this way was able to expand his knowledge and learn all the tricks in Mendix. We will now follow the same process with another colleague in developing our next app, contract management.”

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