CED is a European specialist in claims management and claims management. CED’s work starts with the damage report and is completed when the damage has been paid out. CED handles approximately one million damage claims with a total damage burden of more than 2.5 billion euros. This is the core business of CED, which increasingly relies on the optimal use of IT. FlowFabric has taken a critical look at the process automation of claims handling. Together they achieved a time saving of no less than fifty percent.

“An external critical look at our internal processes was precious. FlowFabric expanded the input wizard to the Automatic Damage Settlement Platform in which all process flows related to claims and file structure is accommodated. ”

Jan Rubingh - IT director

Claim settlement 50% faster

CED had developed an input wizard based on Mendix. However, as the name implies, it only covered part of the chain, claim entry. As a result, handling a claim involved a large paper flow and a lot of manual and duplicate work.

Waarom FlowFabric?

During an extensive selection procedure, CED decided to realize the optimization with FlowFabric. “FlowFabric made a good impression on us. The experts showed how our architecture would work with Mendix. You notice it right away when you sit down with specialists with a high level of knowledge and experience. The insurance industry has also already been cleared. As a result, we were soon able to think together in solutions ”, says Jan.

The existing input wizard has undergone a re-design and re-engineering. “Entering a claim has now become an intuitive process. User-friendliness has improved enormously. But the optimization doesn’t stop there. An external critical look at our internal processes was precious to us”, Jan explains. “FlowFabric extended the input wizard to the Automatic Damage Settlement Platform (ASP). This includes all process flows related to claims and file structure.”

Re-design and re-engineering

CED’s claims handling process has accelerated. Jan: “Before optimization, claims handling took an average of one hour. Because we have accommodated the entire claim handling process in ASP, we can handle a claim no less than 50 percent faster. I am talking about efficiency and not even about other results such as the quality improvement of our services and the increased user-friendliness.”

In addition to the claims handling process, the production of CED’s IT department has also accelerated. Jan: “We now develop in short sprints and continuously coordinate with the business. The Agile development method ensures that solutions better meet their needs. For example, work is now being done on connecting insurers (multi-tenancy) and policyholders (my environment) to the platform. Since June 25, 2016, the ASP platform has also been used by a CED customer. This has made it a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for claim management. “IT is not only a cost item for CED, but a way to provide specific services and even generate direct sales. IT is increasingly the beating heart of CED”, Jan concludes.

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