Bouwmaat strengthens IT foundation under its more ingenious building mission

Bouwmaat is a Dutch wholesaler for building materials. Since its foundation in 1986, the organization has had a clear mission in mind: everything for more innovative building. From assortment and service to the opening hours of the 46 branches, everything at Bouwmaat contributes to this. The wholesaler offers more than 13,500 articles via the webshop. With quality products in construction, wood, plumbing, electricity, tools, hardware, paint, and kitchens, the Bouwmaat team is ready for its customers every day. Every day is a new opportunity to serve customers even better. To provide the best service, Bouwmaat enters into a partnership with FlowFabric.

Digital Transition

Optimization as the first step
Peter Buenk, Information manager at Bouwmaat, says: “The first step we have taken in this regard is to optimize the promotion process. The Bouwmaat brochure is called the “Action newspaper”. The action newspaper process was prone to error, while this is an important means of communication towards construction professionals. Bouwmaat works campaign-wise to boost a product category at the right time. This means that we redesign all channels every 3 to 4 weeks to support a campaign in a promotional manner. This includes the website, the POS material in the branches, and the Action newspaper. Many people are already working for the Action newspaper alone. Different departments work together on a large amount of content.”

Promotion manager: ready to use
“At first, we looked at a workflow-oriented solution, but it fell short of the ability for users to collaborate on a publication at the same time,” explains Peter. “This was precisely one of the important selection criteria. We continued to look for a solution that functions from one central database and found it in FlowFabric’s Promotion Manager. This platform supports the entire folder and promotion process. Because many retailers preceded us in choosing the Promotion Manager, the solution was quite ready-made, which accelerated the implementation.”

Central insight

The Promotion Manager provides a central insight into the promotion process, from the agreements with suppliers up to and including the campaign’s analysis. “Our category manager is an important user of the solution. He or she negotiates with suppliers about the product placement in the advertisement and makes agreements about the frequency of the advertisement and the most suitable edition and position. This is where the organization of the Action newspaper starts, spread over the year. Marketers within our organization are responsible for the visualization and content.”

Increase service quality

The promotion manager enables Bouwmaat to improve the quality of the services it provides to suppliers. Peter: “Thanks to the insight and overview, we can better advise suppliers about the availability and the most effective place in the Action newspaper. We can now manage better results. We use the result history of campaigns to improve the following. Thanks to the Promotion Manager, the use of Excel and the mutual e-mail traffic have become superfluous. “The solution is highly integrated with the Product Information System (PIM) where all item details are recorded. In this way, the correct information is always centrally available, also for the DTPer who takes care of the layout. This drastically reduces the chance of errors.”


promotion manager of the future

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Whitepaper 'Promotiemanager van de toekomst'


Cultural change: ownership in a business
With the introduction of the Promotion Manager, Bouwmaat also initiated a cultural change. The solution is an enabler for the business. According to Peter, this was where the ownership should be for the optimization of the solution. “This worked out well. Through the Agile method, we work closely with FlowFabric. This approach was new to us but has now proven itself. In a short time, it has become an important tool. This is due to our wishes and practical experience, and the FlowFabric team has a good view of technology and innovation. They introduced us to Mendix, the rapid application development platform on which the Promotion Manager is built. Already during the POC, it appealed to the imagination that we now have customization without hard programming. ”

Establishment portal
With the efforts of Mendix and via the Agile method, FlowFabric is accelerating application development at Bouwmaat. “Because we can now develop applications much faster, we have become flexible and agile. We have a huge database.


with more than a million records, customers, and people. With our new store software rollout, we encountered that this software could not meet our needs regarding customer mutations. To solve this, we realized a branch portal with FlowFabric in just 20 days. This portal connects the back and front office. The location portal is not a different database but a conduit. In this way, we maintain speed, despite the large amounts of data we are dealing with.” 

Data quality and speed
Thanks to the location portal, employees at the location can make customer transactions. The correctness of data is essential for customer satisfaction. Nobody likes being addressed with the wrong name, but it’s also a big annoyance if your question isn’t answered because the phone number or email address is incorrect. By increasing the data quality, we also increase our service level. Rights and roles have been assigned to prto organize the modification of data properly allow us to keep a grip on the process while we unburden and facilitate the branches as much as possible.”

More IT effectiveness

Ideas and opportunities

“The location portal was a prerequisite for rolling out the new shop automation,” says Peter. “Without Mendix, we would never have been able to deliver this in such a short time. Making adjustments just got a lot easier. We are also making more speed because these are also driven by the business that interacts directly with the FlowFabric team. We benefit from this every day because it greatly increases our effectiveness. We are in contact on many levels. As an IT department, we spar with FlowFabric about the roadmap and share knowledge and developments. During such meetings, the best ideas arise, and we seize the opportunities that exist. ”

Realizing our mission

Bouwmaat has taken a new path with FlowFabric. “Now that we see the results, we have full focus on process improvement in our organization. The following projects will focus on further automation to make work easier and reduce errors. Centralizing information is an important pillar in this. As an added value supplier, we want to serve our customers well. “Everything” for smarter construction now includes the expertise and experience of FlowFabric. Our collaboration strengthens us in realizing our mission”, Peter concludes.

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