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At FlowFabric, we have a proven track record in the retail & wholesale industry.

The ideal mix

Characteristic for the retail & wholesale industry is dynamism and innovation. Perhaps there is no other sector where more business models have had to make way for renewed models and initiatives in the past ten years. FlowFabric helps organizations to move along in this dynamic. With an extensive range of solutions, incorporating domain knowledge from various national and international retail organizations, FlowFabric supports retail & Wholesale organizations in their digital transformation. We have developed various best practices for this, but applications can also be tailor-made, entirely depending on your business’s wishes.

The consumer has exchanged the old media for new ones regarding orientation, influence, and incentive to buy. Consumers want to be served tailor-made at the right time. Trends within the retail & wholesale market are succeeding each other at a rapid pace. In order to maintain a connection with the consumer, there is an urgent need to design a multi-channel idea. Organizations are forced to include more collections with a higher turnover rate in the range. It is essential to transform into an organization with an ideal mix of traditional and new media, retail formulas and internet, price and innovation, existing and new customers.

Promotions on the shop floor

Consumers love promotions and discounts. As a result, promotional pressure for retailers has risen to unprecedented levels. How do you deal with this as a retailer? How do you stay ahead of the competition in this dynamic market so that you can continue to grow? This whitepaper is for anyone in retail interested in the promotion process. You can read how you can achieve a predictable action result. We will take you along in the following topics:

  • Effectiveness of promotions
  • Optimization of interplay
  • Predictable action result

Whitepaper 'Promotiemanager van de toekomst'

Domain knowledge and best practices

FlowFabric is specialized in transforming retail and wholesale organizations. We bring specialist domain knowledge and best practices. Our specialists have a retail and wholesale background or have specific process knowledge from the dozens of organizations where we have implemented innovative solutions. We combine our Data Alignment Model with specific solutions for retail & wholesale. We bring the right flow into business processes. In this way, our customers experience the benefits of transforming from a complex to a simple process and thus be more effective in today’s challenging markets. We offer a suitable answer to every issue within retail & wholesale.


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FlowFabric has a proven track record in the retail & wholesale industry. We are specialized in transforming retail-organizations. We bring the right flow to business processes and use the low-code platform of Mendix for this. FlowFabric helps promotion managers excel in their work. We give advice for a smooth end-to-end process in close collaboration with involved departments. This enables promotion managers within retail organizations to lift the promotion process to a higher level.

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