Financial industry

FlowFabric helps insurers, banks and other financial services companies to optimize the IT landscape.

The financial services industry is undergoing significant change. We see complex (outdated) IT landscapes with large legacy systems that stand in the way of digital innovation. Due to economic instability and increasing competition, the pressure is also growing to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and quickly launch new propositions on the market. FlowFabric helps with this transformation by bringing business and IT together and bringing in specialized process knowledge.

As in other sectors, the changes and increasing pressure in the insurance industry demand strong digitization and further technological development. This creates room for new entrants in the industry. The speed of developments is high, and the demand for insight into and about data increases. Therefore, they must create a complete picture of all information about prospects, customers, policies, claims, and risks. This requires a new way of flexibly integrating data.

Specialism in the financial services industry

FlowFabric is specialized in digitizing and optimizing the processes in the financial services industry. We bring in specialist domain knowledge and best practices. In addition, FlowFabric supplies various business solutions, applications and templates that provide extra acceleration during the implementation. This includes a policy check, customer portal, case and file management solutions.

The development speed with the low-code Mendix platform combined with FlowFabric business solutions and broad domain knowledge ensures the desired result time and time again. As a result, our customers experience the advantages of transforming from a complex to a simple process and thus be more effective in today’s challenging markets.

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