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FlowFabric helps organizations in the construction & industry to optimize business processes.

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The construction & industry segment has traditionally been a traditional sector. Nevertheless, this sector is currently undergoing significant changes. New forms of cooperation, new entrants in the market, developments in the field of smart devices and careful data exchanges. Many constructions and industry activities have now been fully optimized, with the exception of very specialist assignments. However, there is still much to be gained from the surrounding process.

These changes give room to new entrants and put existing forms of cooperation under pressure. The speed with which innovation is introduced in this sector is enormous. The need for further innovation and insight into the data in the chain is increasing. Gartner already predicted six billion connected devices in 2018. Organizations will have to formulate a strategy based on process thinking on how to deal with these innovations. They are on the verge of transformation.

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FlowFabric is specialized in transforming organizations in the construction & industry. We bring in specialist domain knowledge and best practices. Our specialists have specific process knowledge through the dozens of projects in which we have implemented innovative solutions. We combine our Data Alignment Model with specific solutions for construction & industry. We bring the right flow into business processes. In this way, our customers experience the benefits of transforming from a complex to a simple process and thus be more effective in today’s challenging markets. We offer a suitable answer to every issue.

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